The Cry of the deep doo doo bird

The residential I have been trying to pull off with the Youth and Community Centre has gone a bit pear shaped. Despite inviting, praying, cajoling, marketting, chatting, reassuring etc etc etc I have only 3 young people booked in. In the words of Fender (Robin Williams),
fender.JPG ‘I hear the cry of the deep doo doo bird!I’
Basically the funders who have stumped up £700 are going to be LESS than happy at that sum being spent on three young people! Therefore I need to cancel BUT the outdoor pursuits company will not retun the £300 and it looks like all in it’s going to cost about £400 to cancel it. Aaaaarrrrrghghghghghg
It’s a week to go and I’m in deep custard whatever I do!
The deep doo doo bird is in fine voice!
how bad.jpg

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

SUPPLEMENTAL: Currently at ‘Drop-In’ and 2 of the girls are SO determined that the residential will happen is that they are currently running round the estate knocking on the doors of teenagers from the group and trying to persuade them to come AND get parental forms filled in. The manager has told me that 18:00 is the absolute deadline! It’s great to see the energy and enthusiasm we’ve been trying to cultivate KICKING IN big time, I hope for their sake they can recruit the extra people needed 🙂

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