Talking about Tweenagers

I was running ‘workshops’ today on working with Tweenagers (If YOU were there. thanks for making it so much fun) and enjoyed the discussion and debate enormously. The aim of the workshop was to explore how this age-range has changed AND then look at the implications for our work with Tweens.
Some of the changes we explored were:
* Puberty happens earlier
* Young people encounter a greater number of issues at a younger age
* Education has radically changed
* Tweenagers have more ‘power’ than ever before
* Childhood has shrunk
* Greater engagement with the world, media, technology
* Busier, access to more activities

‘Almost every aspect of today’s tween-ager is different from what we have seen among past generations. They’ve grown up faster, are more connected, more direct and more informed. They have more personal power, more money, influence and attention than any other generation before them’ Martin Lindstrom


Brand Child cover small.jpg
If you are looking for the books I used. They were Reaching and Keeping Tweenagers by Peter Brierley for the Church Stats. The stuff on understanding and working with this age group drew heavily from two marketing books, Kidfluence and Brandchild (The latter of which I really recommend!)
Stuff I’ve written before you can find here, here and here! Oh and if you want a great piece of homework, watch School of Rock which is some great work with Tweenagers 🙂

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