Seeing things in a new way

I love it when you see things in a new way, I like the way group work/informal education can be about this. The, ‘I never thought about it like that before’ moments.
I also like quotes that illustrate this in a slightly odd way, my favourite is probably a Douglas Adams one,
“Things are not always as they appear! For instance Man had always considered himself so much more intelligent than the dolphins because he’d achieved so much; New York, wars and so on while all the dolphins had ever done was splash around and have a good time. Conversley the dolphins also considered themselves more intelligent for precisely the same reason”
But discovered this which was a comment on the Dilbert blog via Richard. and made me laugh.
‘The sentence for ‘Attempted Murder’ should be the same as the sentence for ‘Murder’ ….. otherwise we are just rewarding incompetence’
Anyone got any other good changed perspective quotes?

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  1. Along those lines…
    “Marriages are made in heaven. But then again, so are thunder and lightning.”
    “Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity.”
    “A hen is an egg’s way of making another egg”

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