Youth group last night and it was quite a good session on the whole! There were a few issues like the lads discovering the security code and running amok, oh and one girl who will only say ‘Shut-up’ to me which was a bit wearing. NEARLY won the table footy game though (8-7) and I have 4 booked in for the residential BUT hoping/praying that the figure will double! Interesting chat with a 14 year old who couldn’t comprehend that I had never done drugs and decided that I was REALLY weird!
Driving to work this morning I was thinking about all sorts of stuff, randomly:
Thunk 1. Youth work isn’t just providing entertainment, it’s about empowerment, opportunity etc BUT it’s difficult to define the point at which entertainment crosses over into ‘youth work’
Thunk 2. The ‘Multiple Occupancy lanes’ proposed for various motorways where you can only use them if there is more than 1 person in the car left me thinking: If I ever need to hitch-hike again it will be much easier to get a lift BUT annoyingly chauffeur driven rich bods will be able to use those lanes WHENEVER they want, huh!
Thunk 3. Still working on a spoof job advert for Youthwork magazine. Haven’t got much further than,
“Wanted: Youth worker to head up a Christian Yoga project! 37.5 hours per work but succesful candidate must be flexible”
Thunk 4. Martin has revealed that June’s Youthwork magazine will have a free gift on the cover, wondering what that will be?
Thought for the day:
Eagles may soar
but Weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines!