Mad Friday

onmybus2.jpg Had a totally mad day trying to get everything ready for the residential AND it’s not all done yet. Looking through the paperwork yesterday I found out that, despite what I had been told, it wasn’t completed. After a brief headless chicken type moment I managed to track down the missing forms and start filling them in ……… it took me until 10pm last night to sort it all out AND have just been given the green light.
Today I have done the shopping, picked up the bus (tested the roof rack was strong enough) and am now sorting out the equipment, packing and all that jazz. Craaaazzzzy. Would appreciate your prayers for this weekend.
We must be Crazy to put ourselves through this! But it’s worth it 🙂
Will blog again next week once I can string a coherent sentence together.

4 Replies to “Mad Friday”

  1. Prayers indeed. I bet it’s FAB fun if totally terrifyingly nerve-racking at the same time!
    You do know you ride a minibus from the INSIDE, don’t you????!!!!

  2. blsssjjsooakfjjok. Incoherent sentences. Just returned from our residential and survived, sent one up for you guys, hope it went well 🙂

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