IT Support is Key

I’m really fortunate in my job to be supported by a fantastic I.T team, not only are they completely on-the-ball but have a cool sense of humour. As you can see my Laptop has suffered a bit of a crisis, in that the ‘Z’ key has fallen off limiting how much ‘_ing’ my writing can have!
missing Z.jpg
In a fairly tongue in cheek move I e-mailed I.T support asking for advice on my one-key-short of a keyboard crisis. The e-mail I got back was class. They said,

‘not sure what we can do about it but in the meantime use the following and ‘cut and paste’zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’

It’s been interesting recently as I spend a bit of time working within local authority settings. I.T within one of these settings is really naff and I could not do my job effectively or creatively if I had to work with their limited and outdated set up.
Being a youth worker in a Church can be EVEN more of a challenge. With one job I did I was promised an office, which in fact turned out to be a room NOT any equipment. Worst story I heard recently though was a new youth minister appointment where the applicant was promised a new lap top. HOWEVER on starting the job the Church Minister stepped in and claimed the lap-top then dumped his ancient computer on the youth minister!
I.T nightmares anyone ……………………………

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  1. Just FINALLY got fed up with the PC at work beng slower than me even when I have a horrible cold SO… I ordered broadband for the office!

  2. When I worked at CPAS I spent a bit of time on the road counselling hard-pressed youth ministers. One was disciplined for changing his screen-saver; the argument was that if he had time to do something like that he wasn’t working hard enough.
    He now has a wonderful youth ministry using his technology skills to serve an alternative community. No idea what happened to his old church. Nor do I care, frankly.
    Laugh/cry; the decision is yours.

  3. The ‘n’ key used to fall off my mum’s laptop regularly. We just balanced it where it needed to go until my bro took it all apart and fixed it properly.
    I love my IT support – pretty much 24 hours a day and freefone – I missed call my Dad or bro and they call me back and help me! hehehe!

  4. A charity once gave me a whole load of second hand IT equipment, on the strict condition that it was for the youth club and that the church did not shut the youth club down and confiscate all the technology for itself.
    When – a few months later – the church did exactly that, I had to engage in a midnight raid on the vestry to retrieve all the kit and return it to the charity.

  5. I actually can’t wait until I get a YW job and can look after my own IT.
    Currently where I work, the system is tied down so much that in order to fix a problem or instal something which i am 100% competent in doing I have to
    Phone a helpdesk in Ireland
    Explain the problem to someone who’s ONLY IT knowledge is “have you switched it off & on again?”
    Wait for up to 2 days for a referal
    Receive a phone call from someone in India who struggles to understand me & me him.
    Explain problem and solution required
    Listen while he explains his own (useless) solution
    Wait 2 more days
    Re-call Ireland to re-explain problem, action taken & action which should have taken
    Receive e-mail asking for ‘customer feedback’
    2 days later – problem finally resolved

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