I wannabe a Yoof Wurka

The latest edition of YOUTHWORK arrived on my desk this morning and I enjoyed the great rant by Martin de la Editor (ex-blogger?) about the device that repels teenagers (nice one Martin) and I’ll leave you to decide wether the closing line is rhetoric or a call to vandalism 🙂 … can’t link to it yet as its still the old mag’ on the website.
job ad.jpg I then, as ever, jumped to the jobs pages. I like to see if there are Churches in my Diocese advertising that I didn’t know about. I also like to see what’s hot, what’s not and what’s Grot!
Most bizarre ad’ this month is a combined Charismatic au-pair and Youthworker job? Benefits include an en-suite shower and use of the swimming pool. Mobile number to reply to.
I quite liked the advert from the Salvation Army for a ‘Divisional’ Youth Officer and wondered whether they should be after a ‘unifying’ one instead! Knebworth are looking for a ‘Youthworker who wants to make THE difference’ …. rather unsure what the use of the definite article means BUT I love how up-beat it sounds.
And finally: Kettering are advertising for an Assistant Minister specialising in ministry to the over 50’s ????? The advertsing bod’ at Youthwork mag who managed to sell them the opportunity to advertise in YOUTHWORK magazine must be REALLY GOOD at the sales pitch,
something like this I reckon ……….
“Oh yes, you’d be surprised how many people who read our magazine are actually more interested in a SAGA focussed ministry than with teenagers! It’s £1.60 a word, you won’t regret it and I know there’s a Youth worker out there who is looking for THIS opportunity! Sign here, YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE!”

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  1. I should have mentioned the ‘volunteer driver for Steve Chalke’ job too! It’s got me thinking about making up a really obscure job and placing an ad’ in youthwork mag next time ……….. suggestions welcome 🙂

  2. How ’bout
    Shed Supervisor Required
    An exciting new position in Oxford.
    The successful applicant will need to:
    Enjoy sitting around in small, cold spaces
    Be able to organise tools and general bits and bobs.
    Qualification in Creasote Management desirable.

  3. Perhaps the person who came up with “Divisional Youth Officer” is the same person responsible for the title “Youth Offending Teams”. With all these people working against them, the YPs need all the help they can get! 🙂

  4. Glad you picked up on the charismatic en-suite swimming pool au pair/youth worker position. Good pay as well. There must be some catch… if not I know quite a few people who may well be interested (myself included). That’s a joke in case my employers are reading…

  5. Hmmm…
    My understanding of au pairing is that you are overworked, underpaid and sometimes find yourself in an abusive relationship with your boss.
    Can’t imagine what that has to do with being a youth worker 🙂

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