I believe in order to know

thinker web.jpg Steve Tilley is on top form and has posted a mega entry he’s called Cogito ergo Sum in which he’s looked at where his certainty lies. It’s well worth a read. It resonates with me and a line I wrote about “Christianity being my life and my hope, my struggle and my meaning!” My teenage years and early 20’s seemed to encounter a lot of Christian answers, black ‘n whites and certainties. The questioning and wrestling since then I think has been the most exciting part of my faith journey. I’m glad to know there’s some stuff I don’t know I’m glad there is the need to embrace mystery. I’m also glad though for what I have discovered and how my experience of God and my desire to follow Christ is central to my life! I think it was Augustine (happy to be corrected) who said, “I believe in order to know!” ………… I think that’s true for me, my view of the world is centred in/from my faith, centred there and shaped by my thinking/experience, not in conflict with or in spite of. That ‘knowing’ is a place of rootedness but not all the answers, a starting point and not the end.
I don’t know if that makes any sense, it’s been a lent journey in my head and I’m grateful to Steve for kicking it off.

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