Hope 2008

Here’s some advanced notice of potentially really exciting stuff ahead for the UK. In 2008 it is hoped that HUGE numbers of churches will get involved in ‘word and action’ type mission in their communities up and down the country!
Here’s the background. Mike ‘Soul Survivor’ Pilavachi, Roy ‘YFC’ Crowne and Andy ‘Manchester’ Hawthorn got together and chatted about all the stuff that’s been happening with Soul in the City and the like as well as how much great stuff is going on with THE NOISE, Youth Alpha and the like. They were asking question about what they could be doing in-line with all the stuff that God seems to be shaping at the moment. Their ‘what if?’ questions prompted them to work out if there could be an umbrella name and motivation that would get LOADS of churches engaged with mission, thus the idea for HOPE 2008. The Three then went and discussed the idea with national type bods from across the organisations, denominations etc and the feeling, reaction is ‘Let’s do it!’
SO: It’s up to you what you do with it, but a) do something b) Put young people at the heart of it. The only unifying feature is that the stuff you do is communicated to a co-ordinator so that stuff is not duplicated AND churches can be working together. Fab huh! You’ll hear more about it over the next few months but put it into your minds, diaries and prayers NOW!

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  1. Exciting isn’t it? I was at soul survivor when they mentioned it, we have been to bothe merseyfest and soul in the city and the youth were inspired enough to put it into action in our own town this summer, It’s brilliant they are encouraging YP to take up the challenge in their own town

  2. whooooooooooooooooooah! yeah!!!!!!!!
    seriously though, hope 2008 will hopefully be the kickstart to churches getting more involved with each other, and to have more of a passion for the lost

  3. This can only be a good thing if we put God at the centre and with His blessing this “mass evangelism” ,as some have described it, could go a long way. Only a seed needs be planted for one person to want to know more but if we plant a forest who knows what can happen?!

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