Here’s Friday

I was in a far corner of the Diocese last night discussing youth work opportunities with a great bunch of people. I was really encouraged by how willing they were to engage with some creative approaches to mission and young people. I often encounter a default position of ‘engaging with young people = we HAVE to have a youth group!’ which limits things ESPECIALLY if there’s no way a church can do a youth group.
I didn’t get in until late so took myself off to the Gym first thing this morning, highly recommended! The combination of knocking seven bells out of the punchbag then praying in the Sauna was tops and I feel on good form.
I’m just on my way to a symposium on ‘The differences and comon ground between Youth Ministry and Youth Work!’ Should be fun eh? (Isn’t ‘symposium’ a great word?)
If you are bored then please continue to add to the comments here on Interview nightmares as I’m enjoying them enormously!