Entry number 747

Just noticed that this is entry: 747 Cool huh? It’s only been 17 months since the blog took-off so it’s plane that the averaging posting is over one a day, not a runway success but not bad either. I started it as a pilot and although I have been winging it most of the time, the mumbo-jumbo I write has been (on the whole) well received by all nine of the readers. So thanks for popping in, always gives me a lift that people connect with the tails herein and use if as break from the flaps of the day.
Captain Youthblog apologises for some turbulent punning on the approach but wishes you a pleasant onward browse, I hope you’ll join us again soon.

7 Replies to “Entry number 747”

  1. Richard,
    I like the challenege of trying to ring 747 puns out of this one! I don’t think even with a tail-wind I’d have much JOY. STICK around though and I’ll see where a few more land me. (No Boo-eing though).
    (Simo I assume you’re now headed for the departure lounge)

  2. Lol, congratulations… but you might want to see a dr about that terrible humour though 😛 If not for your sake then for the sanity of those around you hehe
    (I make that about 13 puns so far… just another 734 or so to go…)

  3. it was scary bacuse i was one of the one that is in the picture the plane looked like it was just goning to land on me

  4. Justin,
    Apologies, the photo was e-mailed to me as part of a presentation and with no reference on the picture. I will remove the picture. It would never have been used if I’d known there was a copyright restriction.
    Great photo by the way and once again, Sorry

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