Empowerment anyone

bad choices.jpg Cartoon Dave has posted a cartoon here (make sure you click on the cartoon to get part two) about possible tensions between youth work ideology and frustration. Made me laugh ….. especially as last night at club I was promoting a residential I’m trying to run, which is all connected in with getting young people more involved in the club and their community (bit of empowerment eh). In the midst of all this though was some real moments of ‘bad choices’ from some of the young people including what came close to a Pool Ball fight. New ‘first’ for us though, when we had to call the Police (different incident) and FIVE police officers turned up!
Cool thing was though that it was a pretty good end to the evening with a fast paced and good humoured game of dodge ball in the Sports Hall with some particularly volatile lads. Result!

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  1. oooh, 5 police, we call and they send one out about an hour after when we have sorted everything out and sent the kids home!! Joys of little old Oz

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