Being a Diocesan Youth Adviser

I continue to have a weird but fun job … which I’ve just realised is a good thing as it’s quite a close match with my personality! But what do I blog? Selected highlights or the whole mish-mash of stuff that happens?
Last night was a TOUGH youth club, really difficult behaviour, complete lack of respect and all that Jazz (no disrespect to Jazz intended!) in fact the feeling that we were getting nowhere, I came home absolutely drained and woke up still feeling exhausted. Trucked off to an appointment in Slough only to find that the canal network would be a fast paced alternative to the M4! Made it eventually and was really encouraged to see the way that Scripture Union hosts a series of dynamic fun presentations that allow Year 6 pupils to engage with what Easter means. Ate some sausage and chips on the way back (mistake) and am tackling e-mails, planning and report writing. Examples of stuff awaiting my attention:
Invitation to Preach at Wycombe Abbey School! Very cool but can’t make the date 🙂
Invitation to a conference entitled, ‘Developing the Dialogue:
Public Sector Procurement from the Voluntary & Community Sector and Social
‘ Initially decided to say ‘no!’ but after some thought have decided on ‘NO, thankyou!’
Trying to organise ‘Yellow Braces’ the Diocesan Camp. The young leader training programme is REALLY popular but I need more experienced leaders too. Busy doing some research on smaller youth groups at the moment and the diary is looking a bit crazy as I try and squeeze in visits to various groups, all of which I’m looking forward to. The rest of the job at the moment is a mish-mash of all-sorts, in fact if the Astrophysicist bods are still wondering about where all the missing matter of the universe is that’s postulated to exist ……. It appears to be in my In-Tray (and you are welcome to have it if it will help your research grants)
Most disturbing thing this week so far, clicked on this link (NO, Don’t do it) from YSMarko FIRST thing in the morning ….. not good. (May have to take the ‘Knight Rider’ ringtone off my mobile as a result)
Filing this entry under ‘Quite boring’ oh an the David Hasselhof video under’ Things that would be really funny if they were a spoof!’

7 Replies to “Being a Diocesan Youth Adviser”

  1. Thought this might amuse you Ian, at my youth group last night 1 of the boys who I have been trying very hard to gently give some leadership experience to said this classic line
    “If I pass my A levels I’ll go to university, if I fail them I’ll probably just become a youth worker or something….”
    Great. (deep sigh, rolling of eyes)

  2. There are just TOO many questions raised by that video.
    The worst thing, though, is that I’m going to have that song in my head ALL day now. Cheers Ian!
    Mmm Hooked on a Feeling. . .da da d-da da

  3. I just don’t have anything to say right now. I haven’t been up to anything recently, but it’s not important. I’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen, but shrug.

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