A life in the week of the Youth Adviser

At the ‘Symposium’ on Friday we got to discussing our calling and our ministry. Interesting discussion and I reckoned on my ministry being to live a Christ centred life in which I am a father, a husband, a friend and a youth minister/worker. My calling is my work with young people. At least these are my answers thus far but it is an interesting avenue to explore, especially working for a gargantuan institution such as the Church of England.
Interestingly Little Alice was mulling over similiar stuff (independently) on the same day, I might suggest March 3rd to be ‘Annual Ministry and Calling review day!’
I’m going to type up my week (below) just to see how it holds against my idea of ministry and Calling!

Sunday = Day out with my boys. Evening= Cook tea, family time, get ready for week. Time with Jo
Monday= Take Children to school then Gym, before meeting at Youth Centre. Up to Oxford and a day of paperwork like sending out ‘Yellow Braces’ forms. Evening= seeing a young person I mentor, helping him with some furniture for his new accomodation and then taking him to the Gym.
Tuesday= Office first thing then the TEAM meeting. More time in office. Tuesday evening = youth group at the ‘Youth Centre’ where I’m pulling together a residential and youth council plan.
Wednesday= Office. Phone calls and planning some visits to groups. Lunchtime I meet with the small group I tutor for CYM. Back to the office (report writing, bleurgh) and head home for about 4:30 to get in some good family time. Then, when kids are in bed may go to Badminton club
Thursday: Office then college. Residential planning meeting in the afternoon. Planning meeting for the next BIG Vertigo event in the evening.
Friday: A bit more low key as I’m working Saturday. Go to the GYM, have coffee with Jo. There’s a couple of youth workers I want to catch up with. Afternoon= On the team for a ‘drop in’ Friday evening go and see my Daughter in a Dance Show
Saturday: All day training event where I’m leading two workshops on working with Tweenagers. Saturday evening = EXALT in Wargrave, going to catch up with some leaders and young people as well as supporting the event.
Sunday= Complete day off. Church and family time 🙂
erm: Definitely too much time ‘driving a desk’ this week! is this part of how my calling is lived out? Not sure BUT I do know I cannot do the job without desk time. Definitely spending time with plenty of young people though, GOOD!
Weird job? Definitely. Right now I would REALLY like a calling to go skiing!

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  1. 3rd March as a day for Annual Ministry and calling day… well… er… chum… we already ahve a few of those! They’re called Ember Days. In fact there are some coming up in the week before the second Sunday of Lent – THIS WEEK Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Good old Church of England has a tradition for doing something that we think we should do but the tradition isn’t well publicised enough for people to know it exists!

  2. Sarah,
    Any chance of blogging about ’ember days’ then? Am a bit nervous to what that might entail? Walking on them? Applying to face ala ‘ashing?’
    Yours sincerely,
    Confused of Oxford

  3. Ah now then I would be well up for the walking on them! But I do agree it would be great, it would be great to be able to put the time in the diary to do it! Perhaps that just means even more that I should do that! (i think that just about makes sense!)

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