A Kingdom moment

I sometimes struggle with Church BUT I also believe passionately in Church. A place that all are welcome, a place of worship, acceptance, love and grace. An all age community of disciples, searchers and strugglers. A place where joy and pain are equally allowed, a Christ centred place of healing, hoping and longing!
I was thinking about this and a Kingdom moment came to mind. My eleven year old boy has cerebral palsy. He is awkward in movement and speech but HUGE in heart and passion for life. One Sunday it was time for the peace (where in our tradition you greet those around with. “The peace of the lord be with you!”) and the congregation were greeting and shaking hands with folk in the surrounding pews. My son is GREAT at this and sets off to bless as many people as he can before the vicar reins things back in. I noticed he’d gone across to see a young man in a wheelchair, I would guess him to be a teenager or just slightly older and I had not seen him or his parents before. He was profoundly disabled and his hands were unmoving on his lap and his gaze downwards. When my son greeted him, the young man didn’t seem able to show much response. Un-deterred my son held his hand bent down slightly to look deep into his eyes and in his faltering speech said, “The Peace of the Lord be with you!!”
I believe in Church
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4 Replies to “A Kingdom moment”

  1. I’ve got to say I can see how as a parent something like that must have been a very powerful moment for you, a great story thanks for sharing it!

  2. thank you for sharing this and thank you to your son- you have both reminded me that I really do believe in church.

  3. Yep Ian
    Powerful, this what the Kingdom of God is all about an upside down world where the things that seem powerful are powerless when it comes to Godstyle stuff. Your sons action has blessed me – thanks for sharing this – it puts things in perspective.

  4. not sure what ‘believing in church’ really means but I know this….God moves in mysterious ways, in those that many consider to be the least of us. I am glad that our paths have met and I hope someday that I have the pleasure of shaking your son’s hand. It is good to be reminded how to love.

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