The Breadth of Youthblog

I have been musing in the car on how difficult to know exactly where to pitch youthblog. The readership is broad and includes:
> Youth workers/ministers (voluntary and paid) who tune in because of the content
> Teenagers who know me (& have told me they like somewhere that’s positive about teens!)
> People who like the humour (hard to believe I know) and have never met me
> Friends and relatives (Hi Stuart P the Autostuhlmeister)
> People who stumble in accidently looking for sheds or coffee!

So, where do I pitch it. Obviously Youthwork/ministry is the unifying feature but some of the blog-guests are underwhelmed in the extreme by talk of ‘incarnational ministry’ or ‘informal education’. Humour seems to be popular, but how far from Youth ministry can I stray? And probably the biggest issue is how much of my world should flow into Youthblog? … too little and it becomes a factocentric bulletin board, whilst too much and it becomes a self obsessed private (but public) diary. Further to this the overlap between these two is complex, for example this weekend was spent with a few friends and their children BUT it’s been the inspiration for a major piece of theological reflection on the Church and discipleship …. which will appear later in the week …………. all of which is a longhand way of saying, Should I write about my weekend away OR not?

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  1. “Yes”
    Think you raise some good questions for all us blog writers. Just where do we pitch this stuff? I have thought about it recently and found the “all things for all approach” has meant something of a loss of direction. I now have input to 3 blogs which enables me to post in a more relevant way but it means that I spread myself thin at times. There are no easy answers I am sure that there is an answer!

  2. “Yes”
    I think REAL theology comes from our experience of meeting God in our daily (sometimes boring, sometimes exciting etc.)experience. Would sharing be an encouraging witness?

  3. “Yes”
    There is an interesting observation as to how different amounts of personal content don’t overly affect the message in the podcast from the Geek/Bloggers dinner I attended in December. Being interviewed were Robert Scoble who works for Microsoft, and whose job is partly to blog, and Hugh McLeod who is a self employed Marketing specialist, who has a personal blog. The odd thing is that it is Scoble who puts more personal information in his blog, McLeod very rarely talks about his personal life.
    I think you need to think whether you want to be a focused blog, or a personal. To some extent you’ve got very different groups on your list, and in the same way that you might have groups in your life that wouldn’t get on together, the same is true of the blog. As a solution my brother-in-law has split his blog into several different bits, one for family news, another for work stuff, and another for comment on current events and so on.
    Having said that, I do quite enjoy the occasional shed interventions!

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