The Brain of a Youth worker

During the drive to work this morning I was thinking about some youthworky stuff like Drugs and Alcohol Policies. Somewhere along the road my mind clearly started to wander and without consciously knowing why, I was then magnum.jpg thinking about an OLD TV series, ‘Magnum PI’. Having become consciously aware of this, a question popped into my head, “What were the names of the two Doberman dogs owned by Higgins?” Within 20 seconds I had hit upon the answer of “Zeus and Apollo” …….. This is weird. Weird that I end up thinking about Magnum, weird that I asked myself that question and even weirder (given that I haven’t seen it since the 80’s) that I came up with an answer!! (Actually it may be the wrong answer as despite a quick look on the web, I could not verify the facts)
Anyway having confirmed that my though processes are somewhat random, I’ll come back to the original thought. Have any of you got a ‘Drugs and Alcohol’ policy in place at your church? Or if you haven’t, Is there a definitie line of thought you have in place for young people and/or leaders on residentials?
Off to an open day at the Youth and Community centre now! We have the mobile skate park there today so my next blog-post may be from Casuality as I did throw my skateboard in the back of the car!

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  1. You could have a look on our diocesan site we have the ABC’s of safety there and a leaders guidelines that I have been working on
    by the way if you’re dreaming of magnum while driving your car can i suggest next time you pull over …..
    and my take on drugs and alcohol is don’t do them…unless you’re going to share them… don’t tell me boss i said that

  2. A long long time ago I went on a residential with the Council Youth Group I was volunteering with – a decent group of kids who lived slightly on the wrong side of life, but not so you’d generally notice.
    Anyway, the guy running the trip brought some beers and stuff for the leaders (4 of us) which seemed to set a bit of a precedent that this week was a ‘let your hair down’ affair.
    We knew that some of the lads were into smoking pot, and we had a decent conversation about all types of drugs (including cigarettes & alcohol) and I thought that this had gone well. Unfortunately we had given the wrong impression as the lads started to spark up joints in front of us (didn’t help that we’d let them smoke ciggarettes in front of us all week & as a smoker back then I’d smoked in front of them). Then that evening the guy running the course revealed to me that he had brought some pot with him. By the end of the week he & the lads were smoking together!!!
    Now I know things have changed since then (10 years ago) & this guy was eventually relieved of duties by the council, but I think the policy needs to be NOT HERE! for both drugs and alcohol. Discuss with the kids why you have the rules, recount experiences (I could talk all night on my alcohol related problems) but remember – drink, cigarettes & drugs are three of the most dangerous things a young person can get involved in (got the t-shirt on all three I’m afraid to admit)

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