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386.jpg Youthblog will be moving! The URLs will remain the same but there may be a bit of weird stuff happening during the transition. (If the address fails to work then the one should). The move is to a more reliable host and because of issues with Bandwidth. I’m still having some SPAM problems! Also the number of Bloggers who hot-link to pictures on my site is TRULY annoying. Basically my bandwidth takes a beating every time their sites are looked at. Grrrrrrrrr
Geek stuff ends ….. but remember:

There are only 10 types of people in the world,
those that understand binary
and those that don’t

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  1. hello
    obviously you can just save the pictures from your blog onto your computer, then upload them again (that’s easy enough to do on blogger at any rate) – but i was wondering if you had any pointers on where to search for such a wonderous wealth of pictures in the first place?

  2. Phil,
    Flattery indeed 🙂 I’d never really thought in terms of it being a ‘wondrous wealth’ of pictures!
    (Maybe its just because one picture = 1000 words and I’m lazy)
    I guess the visual is really important to me so I spend time on the pictures as well as the words. Broadly speaking everything comes from Google images and as long as you use the search engine well you can find most things. Sometimes there’s delays while I wait for permission if something’s copyright but most stuff is just kinda out-there to cut ‘n paste.
    I guess the other thing I do is grab pictures when I see them in case they are useful for the future …. I also add in piccies I’ve taken across my Loooooooooooooooonnnng time in youth work, or use Paintshop Pro to create some Frankenstein type combo’s. I’m glad you like the visual aspect of Youthblog.

  3. do not understand the hot linking stuff as i tend to save pics myself and do not get all the html code – but learning and may be a pirate in future- lol!! glad you will be keeping the pics tho – enjoy the transition

  4. Hope the transition goes ok. In theory these transfers should be seamless, so hopefully should see no problems.
    With regards to the bandwidth problems, we had similar problems with someone linking off of our pictures. I sorted by modifying the .htaccess file to block access. It’s relatively straightforward to do if you’ve got access to the file, give me a shout if you want some pointers.
    The other technique we’ve been using is not to host pictures on our site at all, so any of the pictures we take are now hosted on Flickr, which doesn’t charge for download bandwidth, or storage space. Might be worth investigating using that, then it doesn’t matter if someone is linking to your pictures or not as they are using Flickrs bandwidth, not yours.

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