Sustainable transport

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Driving in Oxford is a frustrating experience! It basically involves a stop-start virtual crawl in first gear, you watch the brake lights on the car in front as the cue to when you can inch forward once again, you look enviously at the pedestrians as they walk at a pace you can only dream of.
Today I have to pick up a load of Fairtrade munchables for VERTIGO on Saturday. Driving is not an option, both for the reasons above and the vagueries of the one one-way system which dictates having to go round Oxford first before an approach to the shop can be made, SO ……
Last night I disappeared into the Shed and re-hashed an old kiddy trailer into a useful cargo trailer for the cycle. Today therefore my transport is an
Enviromentally Friendly, sustainable transport, recycled, Fairtrade Velocipede!
Thought you should know 🙂

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  1. love it! great idea, is it one of those burley things? Biking n carting stuff around for youthwork don’t go well, would love to see a picture of your adaptation!! 🙂

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