Sexuality and Young People

The training last night, “How to ‘do’ sex with your youth group” seemed to go well and we had a great bunch of people taking part. Those involved agreed that what they wanted out of the session was:
Greater confidence in Tackling the Subject
A Framework to work from
Ideas and resources that work

little missed period.jpg If anyone from the evening is looking for the stuff that we used then these are some of the links:
Film clip was chapter 7 of Four Weddings and a Funeral where Carrie is listing and describing her sexual partners.
The book PURE was commented on postively. The Crusaders resource on relationships is called With or without you (page 54 of this is the two circles illustration which I think is very powerful). The exercise in looking at the pro’s and con’s of Saving Sex for marriage is here as a pdf file. And for some fun with an introduction to the subject these MP3’s from the 70’s on how to talk to your kids about sex are great 🙂
If anyone has got other good conversation starters, ideas and the like that help youth leaders enagage young people in exploring sexuality then please bung them into the mix.

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  1. Just like to say thanks for the training evening & the support regarding my current position.
    I know we were all a bit quiet, but everyone you said was well received and food for thought.
    Am already re-thinking the plans for my session on Relationships to encompass some of the things discussed.

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