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The Romance Academy TV prog last year that sparked a lot of really cool debate is now available on DVD. There were quite a few groups that I know wanted to use the three episodes in their groups AND my video’s of the series have been out on loan with further requests outstanding. So, ask the Vicar for £20 and log onto the web site to get a shiny DVD of some top notch informal ed’ on Sex and relationships. (oh and If the Vicar is feeling really generous, an extra tenner will get you at T Shirt too!)

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  1. Have you managed to find where the DVD’s are available on their site? Logged on ready to put down my £20 and they only appeared to have the T-shirts!

  2. I have just read the comments and wanted to apologise that our website ain’t that great!! If you want to get hold on one of our ‘No Sex PLease We’re teenagers’ DVDs then email me at [email protected] and I will pop one in the post for you…for £20!! Thanks for all the positive and constructive comments about the Programme and Romance Academy project that I have read here. Happy 2007!

  3. i think that romance academy is sick and the mixed raced boy is bum. i think that rachel and dan should go to schools in the west midlands and teach a class of pupils about sex and drugs and more just like a mini version of romance academy

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