Open day Cops Out

old_police_van.jpg The ‘Open Day’ at the Youth and Community Centre yesterday went off quite well. Actually if you ignore the two incidents that the Police were called for it was a HUGE success. The centre was buzzing and although I was only visiting (not on-duty) I needed to muck in as there were SO many young people there. I helped build the ‘Mobile’ Skate Park (whoever deemed it ‘mobile’ should be severly repremanded), Had some good conversations and Cooked LOTS of Bacon and Hot dogs. The Community Police Team brought a van and we managed to get seven young people in the little cell at the back of it ………. but they insisted on being allowed out again 🙂
The real positive though was that took my children with me and the young people were really great with my eldest (special needs) boy which I found hugely encouraging!
SO FRUSTRATING though that despite a Massive effort/investment from the team things should still kick off and have to involve police assistance of the not ‘part of the fun’ type. Hey Ho.
The residential I am organising for them is coming together though BUT I am feeling that it will be a ‘Make or Break’ trip. My prayer is that it’s a ‘make!’