Kenda Creasy Dean

Kenda Creasy Dean will be in the UK in May and I highly recommend that you invest some time in hearing what she has to say. Pete Ward in his critique of her book, Practicing Passion said that it was ‘the most important book written on youth ministry in the last twenty years’ …… and given that Pete contributed majorly to the field in this time himself, this is quite a recommendation!
She’s doing a day in Guildford on May 15th (e-mail Tim Sudworth for details) and CYM Oxford are hosting a day on the 16th and you can download a booking form here. Download file
I’ll be at the Oxford one and am very happy to meet folk at the station before walking onto CYM.
I’m just reading Starting right at the moment …………. reveiw to follow

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  1. I had filled out my form and everything until i realised that I am already agt Cliff College for a week’s worth of teaching… feeling a bit keen.
    Your link is now updated!

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