Ho Hum, said Pooh

‘My morning’ by Youthblog! Muchos traffic malarky on the way in to work and then I discovered that the servers at work are ‘moby dick’ and I have no route into the web or e-mail 🙂 Ever a one for the hasty Plan ‘B’ though I have cycled into Oxford, dropped the left over Fairtrade stuff back and THEN HAVE HAD TO COME TO STARBUCKS so I can log in! So I have been able to answer my e-mails in a Latte fuelled stylee and am now blathering on the blog! (as you can see).
This morning I have to attend a ‘Web Strategy’ meeting and then put the finishing touches to tonights training session, “How to ‘do’ sex with your youth group!” ….. A snappy title I thought and no-one has got cross with me (yet). Should be a good session on engaging youth groups in the topic of sexuality, the title has certainly stuck in people’s minds!
May have had too much coffee …
PS: How cool is the web? A friend who’s a student in Oxford has just read this entry and popped in to see me in Starbucks. Nice!

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  1. Darren,
    No I haven’t seen the film but thanks for the link. I’ve downloaded the MP3’s and they’ll definitely be featuring in tonights training session 🙂

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