Connect Conference

Greetings from Swanwick … the daddy of all christian conference centres! Actually it’s OK here (Wi-fi enabled, yea) AND you can get a decent ale in the bar, Waggle Dance being my prefered option last night 🙂 Frustrating though that they allow smoking in the bar (or is that just an arrogant opinion of a non-smoker?)
Great session last night from Elaine Storkey on ‘Film and Theology‘ but particularly (and I love this phrase) ‘The Myth of Redemptive Violence’
Anyway Breakfast and theological reflection beckons (in that order). Shalom
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  1. It’s funny you should mention breakfast as I did actually have a conversation with myself at the time. I picked up the Frosties and then thought, “Oh grow up Ian!” and had the Bran Flakes!! Offically middle-aged or what?

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