A splurge of the useful, the personal and the nonsensensical

I had a great weekend! On Saturday Jo and I went to hear John Hegley (very cool performance poet) and had a great laugh. He dedicated the evening to everyone who had ‘teaching difficulties!” On Sunday I had the privilege of dining at Brasenose College Oxford as JP (former member of the youth group) invited me. Great fun and a WHOLE different world, I loved it.
Anyway that was stuff you don’t need to know, this is stuff you might: (click continue reading)

Darren has very generously posted a Powerpoint piece of training around 4 models of youth ministry, well worth a look (has anyone read the book?).
Nearer to home: Sonning Deanery have EXALT coming for a daytime and an evening event on March 11th, let me know if you would like more details. In Reading the Boiler room are having another week of prayer starting on Feb 27th. As part of this Pete Greig is coming and speaking twice on Weds 1st at 2pm and 7pm. The Bradfield Deanery are planning a combined Youth Service on 30th April 2006 Sunday at 6pm, All Saints Church, Bucklebury which I’ll be speaking at!
You may want to know that Christian training organisations are meeting on 21st March to discuss what’ll happen to current courses when JNC becomes a degree from 2010, What will CYM et al courses look like? Any thoughts?
And finally: Someone asked me if I could think of a Christian band that might appeal to goths? I HAVE NO IDEA! anyone?

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  1. My guess re. CYM is not alot different to begin with, perhaps the placement will continue through the third year, but as they are already a degree course, I would imagine it will be mainly restructuring… and it is going to take the NYA or whoever handles the principles and learning outcomes some time to establish a national framework and then to refine it in practise.

  2. There are several heavy gothic stylee christian bands – my previous youth group were into them – the only one I can remember is POD, but if you need to know more I’ll do some research.

  3. why find a christian goth band and not find a goth band that the goths like and read themes into their lyrics?
    im not a christian music fan, im a tad sick of the christian koorong, hillsong, zondervan subculture

  4. Darren,
    Fair comment. I’m not into the Christian cheesy subculture either BUT I think some bands that genuinely love and exist in a style/community and produce songs that are redemptive are great 🙂

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