A Splurgathonic Ramble

It’s another Manic Monday but hey that’s cool with me, Bring it On!
VERTIGO 2 happened on Saturday and was MASSIVE in every sense! I reckon more than 500 young people there but have no official figures yet, I was, as ever, largely confined to the kitchen with the awesome Cafe team (thanks all). It looked like the worship, talk, malarky, challenges and testimonies were well received and people were blessed from being part of it. It was well cool to be praying before the event with SUCH a huge team from soooooo many churches.
Friday night drop-in at the Youth Centre was really quiet and apart from a bullying incident, all was easy going. NICE!
HEY IF YOU WERE AT SOULNET this weekend, HOPE YOU HAD A BLAST, let us know what it was like?
The News in brief: This Schools-work conference looks good, if Schools-work is your bag (satchel?) then I think this website is newish and useful.
Year out type Stuff: Care Force have a new website for signing up or applying for a volunteer. We also have some youth workers in training (not CYM) looking for Churches in Oxfordshire(ish), if you are looking for someone, talk to me on this one!
Thought for the week:
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