A slightly senile (but much loved) older Relative

At the conference a bunch of us from different denomonations were discussing ‘The Church’ and exploring our hopes and our frustrations. I won’t go into our frustrations … but just point you to Dave’s itching cartoon* which is a profound piece of theological reflection!
revtimms.jpg In looking at our hopes we were discussing the exciting things God seems to be doing with missional/emerging Church and asking, how that might impact upon the mainstream Churches(s). As ever there was some pondering about the willingness/ability for some churches to change and (thinking outloud) someone said, maybe we just have to view those Churches as a “A slightly senile (but much loved) older Relative” The imperative being to invest in mission where opportunty exists.
It was a good discussion though and a definite acknowledgement that we live in ‘interesting times’
I hope and pray I have the grace to work in/from THE CHURCH whatever it’s expression AND to discern what God is calling us to. From a youth ministry perspective this is a HUGE responsibilty in terms of how our lives and thinking impact young people ….. gulp, No Pressure!
*Please note this cartoon is the property of Dave Walker

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