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  1. It’s a fair point but from a consistency point of view it would probably mean I shouldn’t drink addictive stimulants like coffee, eek!
    I did have one youth group that bought loads of bottled water from the ‘tuck shop’ but generally I’ve found that Coca Cola is still the quaffable beverage of choice. I reckon on offering alternatives though AND limiting the amount of overly sugary/food-colouring type sweets.
    What alternatives are other people offering in terms of ‘tuck shop’ stock?

  2. We have fruit juice rather than fizzy drinks and cordial things rather than squash if we can.
    We did try serving fruit instead of biscuits but it got too expensive and sometimes wasteful.
    Nowadays for our Sunday group we have limited biscuits which they object too but I find the young people’s concentration is much better without lots of addittives.

  3. I also know from experience that Sarah gives her Sunday Group out of date Malteasers!!
    (sorry for snitching on you Sarah!)
    We go for a mixture of sweets & alternatives – eg melon & fruit. We also get a whole load of free cakes from the bakers on a Saturday afternoon – Yippee!

  4. Barrie,
    Free cakes … and fruit! Tuck Shop of the day award to your group, very cool!
    I’m glad the scandalous selling of Stale Maltesers at ‘All Saints’ has been made public 🙂

  5. Since when has melon stopped being a fruit? Having made my comment above, we sell panda pops (as they are cheaper) and all the unhealthy sweets that I was suggesting we should perhaps not. We do also stock some healthy stuff but normally it goes off or we sell it at a huge loss. Apparently there was a trial of just healthy stuff just before I arrived in post but no one brought anything.

  6. The kids in my group like to have falafel, hummus and carrot sticks – that’s south Bucks for you!!! (mind you we did play a gane with A LOT of minstrels the other day) I actually can’t have anything with colourings in with my lot as I have 1 young girl who has VERY extreme behaviour problems if she encounters an artificial colouring
    (but on the coke/pepsi debate – coke is much nicer!)

  7. On the Coke-v-Pepsi question, definitely Coke, however I must say that I agree with those people who are questioning whether either should be stocked.
    A recent trial at my other half’s school saw the canteen change to healthier food and they now report a significant reduction in behavioural issues in the afternoons compared to before. Our youth club sees similar, with a noticable shift in behaviour after the tuck shop than before.
    We trialled limiting the amount the YPs could buy, but it proved ineffective as it was impossible to manage – your groups may be different.
    Speak to the YPs about it and give them ownership of it – many of their schools are doing similar, and the likes of Jamie Oliver have made it a media talking point, so you might see a greater take-up on it.

  8. It’s interesting, we’ve had much the same discussion after a pretty hellish session with our younger group on Sunday night.
    The key thing was that whilst for the past couple of weeks we’ve been giving them no-added-sugar Orange Squash and chocolate bars, this week they had a choice of Coke, Diet-Coke or Sprite, plus most of them got a sugary lolly from a tub that was provided too. Was noticeable how the behaviour of all of the young people changed.
    Since we do the tuck shop just before discussions, it is definitely starting me thinking about what we serve up.

  9. We introduced toast and hot chocolate (without the marshmallows). As soon as introduced it, we went through on average 2 loaves of bread a week!

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