The Island

I watched The Island last night on DVD. It’s a film about a facility that bio-engineers clones for spare part surgery when their “sponsor” requires them. The Clones are kept in isolation and believe they are the only survivors of a world wide and lethal contamination. But “Lincoln Six Echo” (Ewan McGregor) realises that, not all is as it seems! The film becomes a quasi Sci-fi high action escape chase that on the way calls in at ethics, human values and some truly unsubtle product placement. Ewan McGregor is great and when you see him acting his clone self and his client self subtely differently it brings home his acting ability. The stunts are nuts and lots of stuff gets destroyed, Sean Bean is suitably creepy and Scarlet Johanssen is suitably lovely!
On one level it’s a great no-brain high octane sci-fi thriller romp! On another level it’s quite a horrific and disturbing film. I seriously do not think this should have a ’12’ rating in the UK with the casual violence and qualmless executions it contains. (In fact I wonder whether it actually has? IMDB say it’s a UK 12A and Amazon reckon it’s a ’15’ but I see that BBFC have rated two different cuts, one at 12 and one at 12A. In the US it carries this tag, “Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action“).
In terms of usability for discussions in youth group/ministry setting though it has shed loads of mileage, there’s issues of hope, meaning, purpose, ethics, human value, greed and consumerism.
Anyway, using my usual evaluation methods I’ll put my highly subjective rating below.
Watchability for a Youth weekend (providing it’s for 14’s and older)
star 4.jpg
Useability for teaching and discussion
star 5.jpg