Snakes and Ladders

snakes ladders.jpg The statutory youth work that I am involved in continues to be a game of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ without, in fact, any ladders! They are the most challenging bunch of young people I’ve ever worked with and despite comitted work from the team we continue to move only a couple of ‘spaces’ forward before hitting another snake and things sliding downwards. There have been encouragements but despite positive relationships with the young people they ‘kick-off’ at a moments notice! This week I really felt we were making progress only to see an attempt to break down the fire doors, a fire extinguisher let off and stuff thrown at me. I am trying to work with some of the young people to put together a residential for Easter. I really believe this could be fantastic IF we can pull it off, a chance to be out of the usual situtaion and to experience community. So watch this space, failure is not an option 🙂 Faith, prayer, youth work and patience!
“There is no such thing as a difficult person –
just difficult behaviour”
Pip Wilson
On a lighter note I’m really enjoying the comments and e-mails as a result of de-lurking week. Do continue to add to this.