Monday Splurgestuff

Is Monday a terrible way to spend one seventh of your life? Or is it a day full of opportunity and possibility, exisiting as it does, near the start of the week? Well good morning to you whichever of these camps you fall in to. I’m feeling a lot less whelmed than I was and have enjoyed a 24 hour break away with Jo (my wife), our first night without kids in years! (A lie-in until 8am was such bliss)
Anyway here’s the weekly splurge:
I visited a Church on Friday where the youth team have contact with 300 young people a week through the clubs, open groups, football initiatives and detached project! BUT even they have members of the congregation who question what they are doing as it doesn’t translate to bums on seats for the Sunday morning service! (Thought you’d be encouraged that it’s not just you!).
Jam no. 10 is out and is looking good, really great youth friendly mag’ that I’ve plugged before (and am plugging again). VERTIGO is happening next weekend, come along …. it’d be great to see you! If you are going to SOULNET at Centre Parcs then I wish you a FABULOUS time (I may write some stuff about this in the week having been before twice). I’m going to the CONNECT conference tomorrow! It brings together all the key people who are involved in training volunteers involved in Christian Youthwork. If you’ve got rants, questions, suggestions or queries … then punt them this way!
Thought for the week:
Sometimes the way things have always been done is worth challenging and a much better, more useful model emerges!
weird plane.jpg
And sometimes you find out the old way actually was much better for all sorts of reasons!
………. Finally, a huge thank you to Daniel! Out of the blue he sent me a present, an important text book on the emerging shed movement that I enjoyed hugely šŸ™‚

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  1. Blimey… you’re jumping the gun aren’t you? Unless Oxford/Newbury have sudenly moved timezone (or maybe Telford) I still make it Sunday šŸ˜‰

  2. *gasp* either there is a time portal between reading and Oxford or you’re cheating šŸ˜› hehe. Monday splurge shudnt have appeared for another three hours! I’m sure it’s a portal though…. you’re far too honest to be cheating šŸ˜›

  3. ZOIKS, I admit it, I messed with the time settings to make this the ‘Monday Post’ even though it’s only Sunday evening!
    AND “I’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you pesky Sunday surfers!”
    *Scooby Laugh*

  4. And to think we put our faith and trust in you as our esteemed DYO only to find out that you spend your time deceiving us in this way, thank you to those of you have raised this issue, I shall be taking it up with the bishop as Iā€™m not sure I can work with this kind of blatant misguiding.

  5. so… wats with the plan did the builders get drunk building it or some thing lol :p hehe i also think the plane is wierd hahahahahahah

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