Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello Easy Cinema

TV drug.gif I was dealing with one of our regular letters from the TV licensing people today who constantly register surprise that we don’t have a TV Licence! I regularly respond politely explaining that the lack of license is entirely unsusprising given that we don’t have a TV. This exchange always gets me reflecting (again) on whether not having a TV has some negatives, I’m still convinced however we are better off without a goggle-box (especially our children). My only concern is missing out on some cultural reference points BUT I tend to know a lot about TV from reading about it in the newspaper AND with so many channels now I’m convinced that FILMS are more of a unifying cultural experience than MOST TV programmes! …… woaaaa we’ve finally got to the point, this whole pre-amble was supposed to be a brief link into DVD rental!
So, DVD rental, What about it?
Well I’ve decided to abandon Blockbusters! Their local branch was the primary source for my film viewing BUT have abandoned ship for the following reasons:
1. Price rise to ?3.95 a film
2. Often don’t have much in stock AND they no-longer give it you free if they didn’t have it 🙁
3. They put pornographic/titillating films on the regular shelves.
4. You can’t get films out of a different Blockbuster
5. We’ve had damaged films recently
6. Very limited range of kids films

20thc.jpg Oh, that’s all a bit negative for me! But I’m switching to Easy-Cinema where they post you the film and it only costs ?2 per film (including postage) AND you can have more than 1 film at once, for as long as you like! I’ll let you know if the service lives up to expectations. If it does it’ll be FAB for youth group and residentials et al ‘cos being able to have the film for longer will make life so much easier! Nice!

Having written this piece I discovered that Blockbuster also do postal rental now at ?14.99 a month and Amazons’ service starts from ?5.99


3 Replies to “Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello Easy Cinema”

  1. u know…
    i hire 6 weekly dvds for $9 total and 3 new releases for about the same…
    and there’s no point in postage cause they’re only about 20 minute walk away.
    sometimes i love australia 😛

  2. I had the same problem with the licencing people. They called med several times after I had gotten married and seemed surprised to hear that we didn’t need to tv licences no that we had become one household.

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