First Splurge of ’06

Hey this is the first Monday Splurge of ’06 as I completely forgot about the tradition. So what’s what and what’s not in the world of youth work?
I had a really encouraging meeting on Friday night. I was in a distant corner of the Diocese meeting a group of six churches. They’ve built some great youth work up from nothing and have a committed team and a vibrant programme which the Area Dean is not only supportive of but involved in, cool huh! And there’s more, they’ve raised funding for a youth worker to take the work forward AND have developed such a good relationship with a local Convent that they are being given a wing of the building to use as a Youth Centre.
RESPECT! (no not George Galloways’ party which he has so succesfully enhanced via Big Brother?!) the government idea. You’ll find details here and I reckon it’s worth keeping a copy so that we can make sure this is the level of respect that young people can expect to be given as well as to give! Meanwhile the Conservative party have launched the Real Respect programme, I’ll bring you details of Labours ‘Really Real Respect’ programme as soon as they counter back 🙂
Crusaders have been reaching out to young people for 100 years this year and if like me you’ve had any connections with the organisation you may want to get yourself down to the Albert Hall on May 20th as it should be QUITE a CELEBRATION. Details here.
Nearer to home can I plug a couple of events? Vertigo is coming up again on Feb 4th, it should be a monster event, I need more bods for the Cafe team … is it you?
Training wise: Feb 7th at Church House in Oxford I’m running some training called, “How to do sex with your youth group?” If you are wondering how to cover the Bible, Birds ‘n Bees then e-mail me for more details.
And finally, here’s todays fun challenge:

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