De-lurking continues

delurk_8.jpg De-lurking continues here: A chance to say Hi, without being traced, type amnsety.
Big Hi to everyone who has said Hi, so far, it’s been great to learn a bit more about who visits and I’ve loved the quotes especially the “ski through a revolving door” and the “Second mouse gets the cheese” ones 🙂

2 Replies to “De-lurking continues”

  1. I’m not really sure if I count as a lurker, as I do comment every now and then… but hi any way!
    Oh and quotes, erm…
    “Sending people flowers is sinister. THEY ARE DYING. Surely you should only send flowers to people you are trying to threaten?”

  2. Encouraged by all the other lurkers leaping out of the closet I feel that maybe it is time to add my quote and edge gentley into the light
    When all is said and done it gonna be very quite and boring.

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