Contextless splurging

I was on duty at Drop-in at the Youth Club on Friday and it went brilliantly! Some of you know that it’s been quite tough, but this week we had great conversations, real engagement and the teenagers taking some responsibility. HUGELY encouraging AND I’ve got funding for the residential I want to run with this group. Frustratingly though two of the key girls won’t even entertain the idea as they have never/will never stay away from home!
It’s a slow news week in youthworkdom so I have little for the Monday round up so far. Was really impressed with this idea from Andy though, he ran a Church crawl with his group. Well impressed!
I’m at Christ Church Cathedral all day today (or at least somewhere in Tom Quad) as our department are having an away day to consider ‘evangelism’ within our mission, vision and practice!
Weird moment of the weekend was writing to a friend and signing off with the line, “I have to go and Hoover now” but MS Word auto changed in to “I have to go and hover now!” My friend will think I have strange mystical levitational powers ….. And I thought It was nature that abhorred a vacuum, not Microsoft?
Oh and my favourite time waster at the moment is trying to break through the 3000 barrier on Nev’s Jam Buster!
Auf wiederblog and Shalom