Aslan vs Hobbes: A tale of two Kitties

Picked this up via the legendary Dave Walker, well written piece on the commercializing of Aslan in comparison to Watterson’s Calvin! A cautionary exploration of what happens to the exploited character, how its potency is diminished, As the author puts it, “Garfield meet Aslan!”
“Which cat do you like better,” I asked my friend, “Aslan or Hobbes?” He hemmed and hawed for a bit, then replied, “Probably Hobbes.” He explained that Aslan inspires his faith, but Hobbes—he paused, finding it hard to articulate his appreciation—”I mean, I love who he is to Calvin. He’s just, you know; he’s just awesome.”
If you’re a fan of Narnia, comparing Aslan to Hobbes may seem incongruous, if not sacrilegious. After all, Aslan is the Creator and ruler of Narnia, an obvious Christ-figure who sacrifices his life to save the undeserving Edmund. Hobbes is a stuffed tiger with a weakness for tummy rubs. As feline characters go, Aslan is far more serious than Hobbes.
Or so you would think”
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E.J Parks

2 Replies to “Aslan vs Hobbes: A tale of two Kitties”

  1. Hmmm Aslan in the book or Liam as Aslan?
    Book Aslan _might_ just beat Hobbes but film Aslan wouldn’t.
    Hobbes is more your Conscience Jiminy Cricket kind of a character really. Calvin pretty much “creates” Hobbes somewhat in his own image to an extent tho he does still make Hobbes more responsible than him sometimes which is intriguing. Could it be argued that liking Hobbes over Aslan is to prefer a “guide” (if not a god) in our own image?
    The thing to remember about Aslan… “he’s not a tame lion” whereas Hobbes pretty much is most of the time.

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