An uplifting Hymn

We had a blog and share a few days ago about unfortunate lines from Hymns BUT how’s this for a line? Encountered and sung by Steve Tilley 🙂 Had the youth group been present I suspect it would have been some months before they stopped sniggering.

One Reply to “An uplifting Hymn”

  1. And not to forget Nick Page’s favourite from his excellent book And now let’s move into a time of nonsense
    Here I raise my Ebenezer.
    From Come, thou font of every blessing
    by Robert Robinson.
    This Sunday I found myself being required to sing
    I will enter your gracious throne-room,
    I am bowed before your throne.
    Tenses people, tenses. I have entered and am bowed or am entering and will bow. It matters.
    Fractionally less important I don’t think you can have a gracious throne-room.

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