10 pin bowling record

For years I seemed to go ten pin bowling twice a year, once with the youth group, once at a camp. I never really improved and only ever got scores of between 100 and 130 🙁 The local bowling alley though has a January sale at £1 a game so if I’m passing I pop in for a practice. I had a gap between appointments today so I grabbed a lane. Now I’ve often been told before that I bowl entirely the wrong way AND use the wrong weight of ball (all true), but check this out ….
bowling hi-score edit.JPG
Filed under “Feeling just a little bit smug!” Don’t be surprised if the next Youth Work network day is a bowling trip! It’s an Antlers thing 🙂

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  1. when is the next youth work network day?? I was thinking about it just yesterday.
    (I can’t bowl – I blame it on an old war wound!!!)

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