Wooosh went the weekend

flashing antlers.bmp At Lunch time on Friday we had the ‘official’ turning on of the Christmas Lights in my department at Church House! I work in an open plan office of about 14 people and among our collective idiosyncrasies is the tendency to go a tad over the top at Christmas. We have two christmas trees, Streamers, tinsle and the like EVERYWHERE and all manner of illuminations. I’d also built some wooden frames so that some areas of the office became Grotto’s and had been decorated and lit accordingly. The total effect produced by all the decorations is awesome. We invited everyone else in Church house, put on a buffett for Charity AND the piece de resistance was getting Bishop Richard to officially turn the lights on! Cool huh?
Anyway before I knew it the afternoon had gone and I was on duty at the drop-in, had an OK session with the teenagers and all though still not achieving much there were a lot less incidents to deal with. From there I met up with Newbury Youth Council (GREAT bunch of teenagers) and we headed down to Avon Tyrell in the New Forest for a residential training event we were doing with them. Had a blast but I headed back early as on Sunday my eldest boy has his birthday ….. Church, birthday cake, jelly and games. Fab!
What have I learnt this weekend? Not to stay up with teenagers watching a Peter Kay DVD until the small hours of the morning! Very funny though!

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