While Shepherds washed their socks

When I was 9 I had a near encyclopaedic knowledge of alternative (I mean silly) words for Christmas carols! To my horror I seem to have forgotten nearly the whole repetoire! My daughter is now at an age where these are perfect for her sense of humour but sadly, beyond “While shepherds washed” and [Good king Wenceslas] “got a snow ball in the snout, made it all uneven” I am struggling with sufficient content for this important aural tradition to be passed on to the next generation.
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Contributions gratefully recieved! Thank you 🙂
(on a related issue I was listening to “The Holly and Ivy” last night … is it me or is that a really strange carol?)

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  1. I always remember:
    Hosanna Supports Chelsea!
    In fact, I’m sure I sang that version at the Carol Service on Sunday -oops

  2. I have a tape of the SPINNERS Christmas which has a little medley…
    We four lads of liverpool are
    Paul in a taxi
    George in a car
    John on his scooter
    hooting the hooter
    following Ringo Starr
    I have vague memories of one about batman and robin
    and there’s a Hark the herald one…
    I’ll try and dig out the tape for you for friday!!!
    S x

  3. We three knigs of orient are
    Selling knickers 5p a jar
    They’re fantastic
    No elastic
    Mumble mumble…
    Star of wonder star of light,
    Hit the ceiling hit the light
    (bit rubbish actually, but hey, we were 8!)
    Also in ‘the angel Gabriel,’ Mary changes from
    ‘most highly favoured lady,’ to
    ‘most highly flavoured gravey.’

  4. thanks Bruce Gramana, for that wonderful link – I have only just stopped crying with laughter! Just what I neede in this hectic pre-christmas rush! My favourites had to be the Feliz Navidad lyrics and the idea that Barney’s the King of Israel – Barney being a kid in my youth group, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled!
    My brothers and I still have a good snigger during the popular “come and join the celebration” carol with the line “Kneel in Homage” as my little bro though it was “knell in porridge” for years… we still tend to mime wiping our knees and looking disgusted while me mother gives us disapproving looks! (one day I may actually grow up!)

  5. “We Three Kings of Orient are,
    One in a taxi,
    One in a car,
    One on a scooter
    Blowing his hooter,
    They won’t get very far.”
    I remember hearing my neice sing this version last Christmas, immediately after the real one, as if it was simply the next verse!
    From my own childhood, I recall a chorus of
    “star of wonder, star of night
    Grab a stick of dynamite”
    but can’t remember the rest of it.
    Not Christmas-y, but I’ve always found “as the deer pants” funny. I never knew that deer wore them… 🙂

  6. Sarah’s comment on Batman and robin reminded me of:-
    Jingle bells, batman smells
    Robin flew away
    Kojac lost his lollipop on the m4 motorway.
    Can’t remember any others that aren’t already here though I’m afraid.

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