The urge to Splurge

A formal welcome to the business of Monday! Grant has published a list of useful stuff that New Youth Pastors should know, its a highly subjective approach but there is wisdom among the rubber chickens! Meanwhile the whole of Christendom seems to have gone Alpha loopy over Narnia, Dan Kimball reflects that the Da Vinci code may be a more honest point of engagement. Andy also expresses reservations.
12 days.gif “Free Stuff!” Words beaten only by “pay rise” in the mind of youth workers. Check out Simply Youth Ministry who are giving away Christmasssy type useful downloadable stuff!
Advent wise I’m still logging on religiously (if you see what I mean) each day to Dave’s blog
Anyway I’m at the Spirituality Is conference in Salisbury, so see you there or catch you here when I report back in on Tuesday. Talking of contemporary spirituality, please come up with a caption for this ……
kneeling santa jesus.JPG

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  1. Not feeling inspired for captions today. I can, however, vouch for the illustrative capabilities of rubber chickens…

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