The last splurge of the year!

I reckon you’ll be too busy on Boxing day to read another Youthblog splurge (you may be too busy today!) but here begineth the Splurge for this Monday.
I took my 11 year old quad-biking for his Birthday. Thankfully he managed to control the throttle and sometimes the brake (he has cerebral palsy) and he loved it. Unrestricted by concepts such as fear or consequences he razzed about the place with an epic grin on his face. Very proud of him!
12 days kitchmass.gif
Anyway, what’s what? The twelve days of Kitchmass is back thanks to those groovy people at Ship of Fools. Look and recoil!
I’m delighted that the JCB song by Nizlopi has made it to number 1 in the UK, if you’ve not seen the video then check it out. I really like the title of their album, Half these songs are about you. I want to get this CD.
Richard found the Savage Chickens web site which I love. Doug kindly gave me permission to post this cartoon from the site, WELL WORTH a visit!
Other Stuff: The Buncefield Oil refinery fire affected the local community more than I realised, find out how and ways to help via Peats weblog.
I will be blogging sporadically over the next few days, so do pop in if you are virtually passing!
And finally: I still love the snowball fight game but having completed the bonus level after level 9 I have to retire from the sport.