Nice one FYT!

FYT have produced a couple of promotional pictures in their campaign against the pervading ‘populist anti-youth dogma’ In their words:
“Frontier Youth Trust (FYT) has recently launched a post card campaign to challenge the plethora of negative images about young people in UK society. A survey by the magazine Young People Now (13-19 October 2004) found that 71% of press articles concerning young people had a negative tone, only 14% were positive. This impression that every young person in the country is out to attack, mug or vandalise property is far from the truth”

2 Replies to “Nice one FYT!”

  1. Vanessa,
    Good to hear from you and always encouraging to hear an endorsment of youth ministry.
    I checked out your blog (it’s great) and I will respond to your BIBLE post in the next couple of days ….. it’s got me thinking!

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