Mosaic Youth Service

My job is pretty varied, which I love, and I’m out and about quite a lot of the time. This is also a good survival strategy because I think my fellow-communal-office-dwellers would kill me if I spent more than 4 hours in the office! (Life lesson number 7462, Not everyone shares my sense of humour)
Anyway Sunday night found me in Thame visiting the MOSAIC Youth Service because they wanted me to do a kind of audit on Health and Safety, Child Protection and related issues. I had a fabulous time though despite the rather mundane nature of my invitation. The worship was awesome and the whole evening with it’s relaxed style, humour, worship and Cafe was ace. The real buzz for me though was that virtually everything was Peer Led. The event has seven teams:
1. Worship
2. Teaching
3. Sound/Tech stuff
4. Cafe
5. Welcome/Community
6. prayer
7. Set up/Take down

This really gives the event energy and ownership. On this particular night one of the lads (17) from the ‘teaching’ team gave a talk on the need to put God given gifts into action. He said,
“I was going to call this ‘Ministries’ but that sounded too Churchy so I’m calling this GIN …. Getting involved Night”
Cool huh! Youthblog suggests you have a GIN night with your group!