Monday begat Splurge

Well here we are (virtually) once again. I’ve noticed activity in Blogdonia has slowed up big time as all the Parish based people get scarily busy, I shall however cobble something together in the hope that someone, somewhere has time to read this!
I’ve been thinking about language this week. I’ve noticed how much I use the word ‘cool’ and am aware that I may sound a bit of a dork. Try as I might though I can’t find THE word that could replace ‘cool’ (suggestions welcome). Was amused though by this prophetc offering from Lark News on the dangers of attempting to be hip! Be ye warned!
If you’re struggling to understand the ’emerging church’ then this link won’t help at all, if you do however it’ll make you laugh (Purgatorio via Tall Skinny).
Game sec.jpg David steered a careful line between spamming and leaving a useful comment so I’ll mention his Games Secretary site which aims to be a one stop URL for youth games!
herbie.jpg This weekend I watched Herbie, Fully Loaded with the Family. It doesn’t fit in with my normal rating system for youth weekends and teaching-usability really BUT I loved it. They’ve managed to retain the values/fun of the original but make a stonkingly good film for Kids and those who remember Herbie the first time around (A wonderful contrast to the crass pigs-ear that Dukes of Hazzard the film was).
And finally! With Wrist bands becoming very passé, I present to you the next hot thing in Cheesy Witness Ware:
god fixed it.jpg

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