King Kong is monster

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King Kong is awesome! What a film. It’s an epic (in the old fashioned sense) on an enormous scale. King Kong himself is utterly convincing (I think at a subconscious level I accepted they’d managed to find a RADA trained 30ft Gorilla). The scenes from the Empire State building are vertigo inducing!
It has a great feel too and somehow manages to be a historical (1920’s) movie that’s up to date in it’s quality but has an aged, slightly cliched (in a good way) stylee! At three hours it’s long … very long but I guess having Directed LOTR then Peter Jackson is going to struggle to do 107 minutes films EVER again. You should see this film at the cinema with the youth group! It’s monster!
Those of you who know me understand that I like films with happy endings (I’m an incurable romantic) This film manages to have a sad ending but the guy and the girl do get together. As it’s such an awesome film I’m going to accept this sad/happy compromise 🙂
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There’s themes of greed, loyalty, love and dishonesty in the film but at the moment I’ve not thought of obvious clips that would be so useful for sessions.
Usability for teaching and discussion
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Watchability for a youth weekend
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