Calling all Oxford(ish) youth bods

weeme.JPG On Wednesday Michael Treston is visiting me from New Zealand. We’ll be in Oxford and around for the day and he’s interested in seeing UK youth ministries, rural stuff (Hello Simon) and any emerging/youth church type stuff that’s happening. If anyone is free on Wednesday and fancies a meet up for coffee, lunch etc then please shout! .. actually that won’t work as I won’t hear you from Newbury, maybe you could e-mail?

3 Replies to “Calling all Oxford(ish) youth bods”

  1. I didn’t recognise the reference to me in the context of a blog with an ‘n’ I think this change of name is obviously having some kind of mental block on me. I think I can be around for a bit on Wednesday I shall have to confirm, I may even be able to bring the bus over if you think that might be of interest? (although parking would be the issue possibly the lay-by opposite your place?

  2. :o( I wanna see the bus but I have a pastoral team meeting in the morning and an ordination in the evening so the afternoon should probably be spent in the office – darn it!

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