Byker Grove Youth Club

byker club.JPG The Hutchinson unearthed this virtual youth club game! As a model for youth work it is somewhat flawed as it works totally on the entertainment approach and unsusprisingly the teens get bored quickly! Great fun though and it’s wonderfully easy to run revenue generating events, I ended up with more money than I could spend. Very dissapointed therefore not to even make the high score board? I also liked the fact I could put a trampoline on the balcony!!!! next to the swimming Pool!!! Risk assesment anyone, LOL!
Thinky bit: I guess it does raise a question of what people think youth work is actually about. If the perception is that it’s just about orgnaising lots of entertainment then we’ve got some ‘informal’ educating to do eh?
But check it out for a little escapist fun and you don’t even need to acredit any outcomes! Click here and then select Byker Grove. Nice!

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