Buy Nothing Christmas

LED belt buckle.jpg This might be an idea for a Christmas type session with the youth group. Marko posted a link to this article that has a scary/funny list of pointless gifts. (How have you managed up until now without ‘spray on mud’ and ‘pyjamas for dogs’ eh?) You could use these as a quiz, make some up and get people to guess which are real and which are made up OR Powerpoint the pictures and use them for a link into looking at consumerism at Christmas.
If you’re going to run a session on this then it’s worth looking at Buy Nothing Christmas and The Global Rich List.
buy nowt.jpg
As I blogged last year:
Bloggy Thinky bit: (I apply this to me too!) In what way is the Christmas we model to our young people different to the post-christian consumptive orgy that we see all around us?

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  1. I’m trying to do the “buy less make more Chrismtas” – just hope people cwill be happy with receiving chutney, flavoured oils, paintings etc.

  2. That’s a good idea Sarah, I’m having a fair trade and virtual gifts christmas – everything is from Tearcraft or the “send a goat” kind of idea – it’s great fun! All the youth group are very in to the idea and all have their own catalogues – we did the Christian aid material on poverty recently as the build up to Christmas.

  3. like Sarah’s thought, as so many would struggle to make the transition from orgy of stuff to nothing. How about “……(this gift) is for life and not just for christmas approach”?, where we only buy stuff that is useful and valuable to the individual rather than useless artefacts – think many of us throw away or lock up more presents than we care to admit

  4. Our Christmas panto was around this theme this year – I’m happy to send a copy to anyone who’d like it! (It was written by me and one of the young people, so there’s no copywrite!)

  5. YES PLEASE Kathryn… do you have my email? I have to write a new panto every year too – I think my creativity ran out.

  6. Rich,
    Generally I wasn’t posting them. That kind of thing sounds FAR too complicated! Perhaps I could send you a pic of them – a virtual version…???!!! Ok so sometimes we DO need the real world ;oP

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